The Benefits of
Learning Outdoors
At Healthy Toddlers Care, the outdoors is more than a play area, it’s also our classroom! Unlike large, structured childcare centers, our teachers have the advantage of choosing from multiple study areas outdoors.
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Our Curriculum: Social Identity and Multicultural Sensitivity
Healthy Toddlers Care helps children develop the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to live and work successfully in a complex, diverse world.
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Our Partnership with Our Families
Doing Great Things Together! Our partnerships with the families in our program are essential to our program's success.
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The Importance of Male Role Models within the Childcare Environment
Today’s children shouldn’t be limited by gender. Unfortunately, messages from society and the media don’t always match up to this simple ideal.
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Gardening inspires children to eat fruit and vegetables, nurtures a love for nature, promotes social interaction, and encourages observation, discovery, experimenting and learning.
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