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What Your Child Needs NOW!

Experts agree that to survive in the 21st century, there are two things every child needs above all else:

  1. A stable, nurturing family
  2. A solid education

This is just common sense, right? Well, nonetheless a lot of research has been done to prove this is what it takes to give kids the best opportunity for life-long success. We also know the reality is that no family is perfect and today’s students have to meet very high standards just to stay on track from one year to the next.


What YOU Can Do

Most of us don’t have the luxury of staying home and guiding our kids through their daily activities. And even when we can, do you REALLY know how to help your child with that math homework that needs to be done tonight? Hey, teachers are constantly updating their skills, how’s a parent to keep up?

While we’re talking about education, let’s make clear that what our kids’ are learning is very different from what we learned. Plain and simple, it’s much harder now. And the stakes for success are higher than ever. Schools now go far beyond reading, writing, math, science and social studies. The illustration below lists additional skills now considered essential for every student.

So, what can you do? Know what your child is studying and how he or she is doing. Follow your student’s progress throughout the year. Help as you can, parent involvement is important. But admit when it’s too much, too hard, or just too frustrating trying to work with your own child. Sometimes the most loving act you can take is to back off and find a different approach to a problem.


Where to Find Help

Resources abound for today’s students. Nearly every community has before and after school programs and tutoring centers. Online programs and online tutoring are also available. But here’s an opportunity you won’t find in every neighborhood: Family Care Academics.

Let’s imagine you are blessed to have Aunt Sue, a retired teacher, living nearby. She stays current with changes in education and offers to help your kids with their homework. She’s happy to love and nurture the kids just as you would. Above all else, she has high expectations for your kids. She challenges them to do their best. When one teaching method doesn’t work, she tries another. She doesn’t just help the kids with their homework. She puts it into context. And she teaches them how to learn. She’s not working on the clock; she doesn’t quit and go home when the homework is half done. Your aunt is committed for the long haul. So is Family Care Academics.

Family Care Academics

Close by is the next best thing to Aunt Sue. Tucked into a shaded green canyon is a large, comfortable home owned by Bridgette Moss. A licensed home childcare provider, Moss saw a great need for an afternoon academic program that would meet the concerns of today’s busy families. Building on the solid foundation she’s established with her childcare business, Moss set out to identify the student population most in need of extra assistance. Acknowledging that students may need help throughout their school years, Moss focused her attention on middle school students. “The middle school years are often challenging for kids, both educationally and emotionally” Moss says. “I thought this age group would benefit the most from a family environment and the availability of intense academic instruction.” A parent herself, Moss considers each student a member of her family. Supported by a strong team of innovative, caring instructors and college interns, Moss seeks to give her extended family of students the best opportunities for a lifetime of success.

When the work is done, opportunities for learning continue, as the kids turn to the Fun Zone, with indoor and outdoor options for interactive games, crafts and exercise. “Every activity is an opportunity to learn new skills, develop personal maturity and build a healthy life style” Moss says. “This week, we’re having a ping pong tournament, creating flower pots for Mother’s Day, and having a hula hoop contest, to name just a few events… the fun never end!”


Mom Carmen shares her son’s experience with Family Care Academics. “Entering 6th grade, Juan was behind in nearly every subject. Bridgette and her team took Juan right back to the basics, teaching him how to organize his homework, do research and prepare for tests. But they didn’t stop there. Juan didn’t just finish his assignments and run off to watch TV; he learned what the information meant and how to build on it with more advanced data. He went from Cs and Ds at the end of fifth grade to Bs and Cs on his first sixth grade report card, then As and Bs on his second. And he loves his studies and his fun time at Family Care Academics !”


Don’t Wait!

The truth is, nearly every kid needs help right now. With the new Common Core curriculum and challenging state academic assessments, this is a pivotal time for everyone in education.

School subjects today build one step upon another. When our kids miss a step, or two or three, it’s hard for them to catch up.

Every year is critical, but the habits and lessons from middle school lead directly into high school. And whether your child will head to college or into career-related training, success in high school is essential for success throughout one’s life.

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What We Offer:

  • College educated instructors and interns with knowledge of and experience with today’s fast-changing curriculum
  • Multiple methods of learning
  • Multiple tools for learning
  • An extended family
    • Staying on top of every lesson
    • Connecting with your child’s teachers and school resources
    • Keeping you up-to-date on where your child is in each class
    • Assessing skills and working to strengthen those that are weak
    • Focusing on 21st century skills beyond academics
    • Scheduling to meet your child’s needs, keeping your child engaged and on task until the work is done.
  • A select group of students
    • 12 students total
    • Student must be entering or enrolled in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade
    • Student’s most recent report card must be submitted with application
    • Students with chronic behavior problems will not be accepted

What You Get

  • The knowledge that your child is getting their homework done, and understanding it
  • Resources to make sure your student has every opportunity to succeed.
  • More time to focus on family and “quality” activities versus fighting through the homework

It's All About Behavior!

Moss says expecting and receiving good behavior from every student is critical to her program. “We have created a structure that guides students from the nurturing world of elementary school to the academically rigorous and increasingly independent world of middle school. Understanding our expectations and setting clear boundaries makes everyone’s daily work much easier.”


Eighth-grader Michelle sums up her experience at Family Care Academics: “I used to worry about my homework and I’d put it off to the last minute or not do it at all. Now I understand it and get it done every day. Plus I know the answers to questions my teacher asks and tests aren’t such a big deal anymore. I feel a lot better about school!”


What Your Child Gets

  • The skills needed to succeed in school    and beyond
  • Less time watching TV, playing video games, etc.
  • More time studying and interacting with other students

Like Aunt Sue, we are happy to love and nurture the kids just as you would. We have high expectations for each one of our students. We challenge them to do their best. When one teaching method doesn’t work, we try another. We don’t just help the kids with their homework. We put it into context. And we teach them how to learn. We don’t quit and send your child home when the homework is half done. We are committed for the long haul. Extend your family with ours, call Family Care Academics today.



A Note from Bridgette Moss

Family Care Academics

On behalf of all of us here "in the middle," I want to thank each student’s parents for inviting us to partner with you during this magic time in your child’s growth and development. To our students, we look forward to helping you develop the full range of your unique talents and gifts and then cheering loudly when you exceed all expectations. And for those of you visiting our site, welcome; we hope you find the information you are looking for, and please do not hesitate to contact us for a personal tour.





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