Healthy snacks and meals are an essential component of our curriculum.  We offer snacks of fruit, grain, vegetables, and dairy. We will introduce your child to many new fruits and vegetables and encourage them to discover what they enjoy.

Our meals include these nutrient-dense foods:

  • Protein. Chicken, turkey, beans, peas, nuts.
  • Fresh fruit
  • Fresh or Frozen vegetables
  • Grains. Whole grains, such as whole-wheat, oatmeal, cornmeal, barley, brown or wild rice.
  • Dairy - such as milk, yogurt, cheese


Juice: Healthy Toddlers Care serves juice only on special occasions. Juice has less fiber and is less nutritious than whole fruit. It also tends to be higher in sugar than fresh fruit. (Much of what's sold as 100% juice tends to contain a lot of sugary pear or grape juice to make it taste sweeter.) So we encourage children to eat fruit and drink water.


Fluids with meals: Different schools of thought exist as to whether or not drinking while you eat is beneficial or harmful to the digestive process. Some studies indicate drinking fluids while eating can interfere with the natural and necessary levels of bile and stomach acid. This can slow the digestion process and reduce the body’s ability to produce enough enzymes to digest foods properly. Drinking water before and after you eat clearly aids the digestive process and, according to, drinking water while you eat can also help digestion. At Healthy Toddlers Care, our meals usually don’t include beverages, but our routines do include hydration throughout the day. Every child has access to water and/or milk whenever he or she is thirsty.


Business Hours

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