College Internship / Volunteer Program

For Instructors/Professors:

We are seeking students at your college for summer, spring, and fall semesters for our child development programs.

I currently own and operate Healthy Toddlers Care. I developed this organization based upon my experiences as a mother and a child-care provider here in San Diego for over 10 years. I have previously allowed students across San Diego at different institutions to participate in work experience for school credit as well as for non-paid internships.  In fact, I have satisfied all the field experience requirements and I particularly have a good relationship and track record with San Diego State University.

I offer students the opportunity to intern, conduct research or assistant in any child development portfolio or senior projects.  Here, students experience and learn how an organization such as a large (capacity of up to 14 students) family childcare home functions on a daily basis. I conduct all student evaluations and referrals. The opportunity has been largely successful for child development majors looking to gain experience with children and other-related majors in the past. Plus this learning experience is an important marketing tool after graduation.

In closing, I would like to provide some more details about the Healthy Toddlers Care. The primary age group served in this organization is 2 (two) months to 5 (five)-years-old. There are presently four infants who are being cared for. My family childcare home is open between the hours of 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. Current enrollment is 12 (twelve) students. Finally, students are required to submit a valid negative tuberculosis skin test in order to volunteer. To learn more please visit

We look forward to building a partnership with Mesa Community College, please contact Bridgette Moss at 619-582-4557 to schedule a tour of our location and learn more about the program that we have to offer our community, your students and the families we serve.

For Students:

Healthy Toddlers Care family childcare home environments offer the comfort and familiarity of a home setting, which includes daily routines and a structured setting––as well as an evidence-based curriculum that many are used to seeing in a school-like center setting. This comfortable, smaller, environment allows students to provide more personal attention to the children.

Plus, we give students the opportunity to learn to work with diversity, which is both successful and rewarding. Here, students experience and learn how a family childcare home functions ona dailybasis, aswellasassist in thefollowing:

  • Have a chance to choose and conduct learning lessons (or activities) that focus on either letters, numbers, colors, alphabet, or more.
    • Assist the teachers duringactivities andprojects,including mealtimes,cleaning, gardening,andteachingself-help and respect

Students may volunteer for the morning (8am to12pm) or afternoon (2pm to 6pm) shifts. Finally,students are requiredto submitavalidnegativetuberculosisskin test in orderto volunteer/intern.To learn more, please visit:

Age Range: 2 months to 4 years of age