Nanny Positions (Hiring Now)

Healthy Toddlers Care is looking for a positive, loving nannies who is truly passionate about working as a nanny and engaged with the children. Our nannies must be focused on the children's education and development, promote a healthy, active lifestyle, and have a great love for childcare.

We will be conducting interviews for our nanny positions, starting tomorrow from 1am to 2pm. If you are interested with working with a local nanny agency we are hear to help. Please fill out the application online and I will be calling and scheduling appointments by 9am on Thursday morning. 

Job Description:

- Flexible Schedule: Full-time live-in nanny and part -time live-in nanny positions available
- Pay: Commensurate with experience


- Basic child-care duties including but not limited to: bathing, feeding, napping dressing, and nap time
- The ability to follow a daily learning agenda for our in home schooling, nanny service:
* One on One attention 
* Daily Learning Schedule 
* Daily Cleaning Schedule 
* Story time 
* Nap time 
*Arts and Crafts 
* And More 

- Assist with child related housekeeping duties and pitch in to the overall tidiness of the family environment
- Cooking/ meal preparation for the children using seasonal, healthy ingredients
- Provide a safe and warm environment for the children.


- At least 1 years of professional childcare experience - specifically with babies, toddlers, and young children
- Flexible and adaptable to schedule changes
- Must be energetic, active, hands-on, confident, and helpful
- Must be health conscious and able to prepare wholesome meals
- Knowledgeable about each childhood development stage and attuned to the children's developmental needs
- Interest and focus early childhood education
- Excellent communicator
- Adept at "stepping in" and "stepping out" without being directed
- Anticipates the needs of the family and is eager to pitch in

Required experience:

Childcare: 1 years

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