Doing Great Things Together!

Our partnerships with the families in our program are essential to our program's success. We value the parents' commitment and support to our teachers and the Healthy Toddlers Care program.

A partnership approach between our parents is very important, especially in the early development of a child. By partnering with our parents, we can help promote development and create a positive influence in children's lives.

One of the hallmarks of quality, early childhood service is that it works in partnership with parents to provide an environment in which babies, toddlers, and young children are happy, feel they belong and can develop to their fullest potential. Together, we are here to assist your children with their first learning experiences. We want to help ensure that all our students reach important developmental milestones such as sitting, walking, becoming toilet-trained, talking, doing up buttons, cycling, reading, and so on.

We at Healthy Toddlers Care understand the importance of parents' continuing support in their child's learning and development. This is more effective when parents compliment their children's experiences in our program.

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Every parent wants their child to succeed in school. In order for children to succeed in school, they need a lot of support from their parents or guardians. Children are often more successful when their parents or guardians get involved within their schools, help them with homework and encourage them to do their best work. You can help your child succeed by letting them know that you are interested in and asking questions about your child, their teachers, and their schools.


How you can support your child's learning and development at home in the following ways:

·         Ask your Healthy Toddlers Care Staff for suggestions for what you can do at home with your child.

·         Involve your child in everyday activities like cooking, shopping, working in the garden,

·         and traveling on the bus. Talk to your child about what he/she is doing, sees, and how
he/she feels.

·         Give your child opportunities to use his/her senses—to see, smell, taste, touch, and hear different things.

·         Read to your child. Join your local library, and help your child choose books to enjoy together.

·         Sing songs, tell stories and play games with your child. Have fun together.

·         Talk to your child. Encourage him/her to ask questions. Let your child know you don't always have the answer. Find things out together.

·         Limit the amount of time your child spends watching television or other mechanical devices such as tablets, cell phones, and computers.

·         Share your time, experiences, and talents with your child. For example, you can help with sports, drama, or musical activities. You can also share information about your child's home culture and background.


We at Healthy Toddlers Care want our parents to know how much we appreciate their partnership with us in their child's development and growth. Together, we can ensure every child's continued health and happiness.