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Group name: 

San Diego Child Care Providers Meetup


Group Description:

Have you ever been working and wished you could freeze the activities around you, walk a few steps away, close the door, and laugh or cry with someone about the young lives in your care? Have you wished you could bounce a question or idea around with other committed childcare professionals? Or wanted to have just sixty seconds where you weren’t Mr. or Miss “Teacher” and could relax with your friends? Welcome. You’ve found your way to understanding peers who have stories to tell, questions to ask and wisdom to share. You’ve found colleagues who share your dedication to enhancing young lives but who also recognize there is life after work.


San Diego Child Care Providers Meetup is a forum for all child care professionals to build peer-to-peer relationships as we share our experiences and introduce one another to tried and new academic and business ideas. To go one step further – we already have a lot in common – this could lead to some super new friendships! So while we begin with our commitment to childcare, we can go on to become friends with a destinationwhere we can laugh and unwind with one another. 


Generally, home based child care providers don’t have the same resources as the bigger center based providers. For example, one perk we lack is group social events. There’s a reason companies have picnics and holiday parties – management is recognizing their staff’s accomplishments, strengthening the employer/employee bond and providing a treat. After a special event, staff return to work energized and more committed than ever. Well we can take that one step further! We can meet as a group, share ideas that help our kids and our businesses and have a great time! Through Meetup, we choose how we want to grow and evolve, while providing one another with the kind of support only available from experienced peers!


Is your school full? Do you need students? Here’s another example of the perks our group offers: when your school is full you will learn where to send parents seeking a good child care program. When you have openings, you can put the word out at our meetings so we know where to send referrals. 


The purpose and destination for our meetings will vary. Activities may include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Happy Hours

  • Lunch and Learns

  • Dining together (breakfast, lunch, or dinner)

  • Trainings

  • Expos

  • Conferences

  • Visiting one another’schild care programs (volunteer your program for a peer tour site)

  • Museum tours (child-focused to spark curriculum ideas and peer dialogue)

  • Charity events

  • Leisure activities such as comedy shows, bowling, spa day, etc.


Intrigued? Then let’s get together. While no one person is likely to have the time to organize or even attend every Meetup, we’re already in leadership roles, we can certainly share the Meetup responsibilities, too.As the founder, I’ll keep a calendar of events. What would you like to do? Where would you like to go? Email me or post on the Meetup and I will track your ideas and suggestions.


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