Healthy Toddlers Care provides a developmentally appropriate program of teacher-led and child-initiated activities that meet the needs of the whole child. Central to our program is the belief that a child’s self-identity is shaped by pride in their culture, appreciation of their feelings, celebration of their uniqueness, and experiences with success. 

We understand and appreciate each child as an individual and encourage cooperation and sharing. We believe it is essential to provide non-sexist and multi-ethnic images and literature while avoiding stereotypical judgments. We encourage love and respect for other life forms that share our earth and promote practices that conserve our planet’s natural resources. 

A smooth transition to childcare

  • Our family childcare home provides a smooth transition as your child moves from your home to ours.
  • With a small student population and an excellent ratio of teachers to students, your child will feel less uprooted than he/she might in a bigger school.
  • At Healthy Toddlers Care, personal attention is the norm. Building the bond between your child, the other children and our teachers begins the moment your child arrives.

Continuity of care

  • There is an increasing body of research demonstrating the many positive results of firm, sustained relationships in a child’s early years. This is known as continuity of care. Because we are a small, family childcare home, we can provide continuity of care for each child. Remaining together in one group provides our children with a sense of comfort and stability.
  • Our children come to know each other very well, and intuitively nurture and guide the children needing assistance.
  • Spending every day in the same environment we see relationships between siblings grow stronger and kinder.

Safety and health

  • We set up our family childcare home to provide maximum security without limiting a creative, fun-filled environment, so that every child feels safe and every parent feels confident that his/her child is in a safe environment.
  • Children thrive in our outdoor classrooms.
  • We provide nutritious and delicious hot meals and snacks.

Establishing a lifetime of learning

  • How children learn when they are young deeply affects how they learn as adults. With this in mind, we’ve developed our programs to be fun, engaging and full of positive learning experiences tailored to the natural development of each child.
  • Our curriculum is continuously updated and reflects the latest research on teaching infants and toddlers.
  • Our learning objectives begin building a foundation for the skills your child will need to thrive in the coming decades.
  • Our curriculum always includes early literacy skills, speech and language development, and social and emotional development.
  • Past enrichment activities have included yoga, dance, music, art and foreign language classes.

Staying connected

  • We believe that parents should play an active role in their child’s care and education. For this reason, we have an open door policy. Feel free to stop by and check in on your child at any time.
  • Regular communication is essential. We will tell you about milestones, concerns and all the day-to-day items that need to be shared with you. We ask you to do the same with us.
  • Being a family childcare home, you have the opportunity to work closely with the owner, who can often accommodate your special needs (i.e. a more flexible vacation policy or schedule, etc.)

Our qualifications

  • We are licensed and insured in the state of California.
  • We take extreme care in who we hire. Prospective teachers must have studied child development, education or a related field. They must have experience working with infants and toddlers. And they must be kind, nurturing individuals.
  • Applicants are fingerprinted and go through a thorough background check. They must possess a current TB test prior to hiring.
  • Teachers are CPR and First Aid certified.
  • Owner Bridgette Moss is actively present and involved in the everyday operation of Healthy Toddlers Care.

Moving forward

We understand what an important decision it is to find the right childcare provider to best support your child’s social, emotional and academic development. If you like what you’ve read, please call for a tour. Let’s see if we’re a good match for one another.